Utility Consultants for the hotel and leisure industry

independent utility consultants for the hotel and leisure industry, ManchesterAs utility consultants for the hotel and leisure industry we not only look for the best option for you, we assist with any change of supplier and advise on ways to be more energy efficient.ithin the hotel and leisure sector, energy costs are only a small percentage of total overhead costs, but reducing them can dramatically increase revenue without the need to increase sales.

As with all cost saving any money saved on energy goes straight on the bottom line which makes businesses more competitive which, long term, will ensure the survival of the business in challenging trading conditions. As independent utility consultants we can help with the implementation of some simple energy efficiency measures can also increase levels of staff and customer comfort too.

There are social and environmental benefits to reducing energy consumption, being energy efficient can enhance a business’s reputation and help to attract more customers.

The hotel and leisure sector comprises many different types of business such as hotels, motels, guest houses, pubs, bars restaurants and other catering establishments. Regardless of this mix of businesses there are several common areas where energy is wasted, the most common being heating, lighting, and energy management.

  • Heating: this can account for 60% of total energy costs. By implementing energy efficient equipment could reduce your heating costs by up to a third.
  • Lighting: on average, 25% of an organisation’s electricity costs come from lighting. Installation of energy efficient lighting can significantly reducing energy consumption and improve the working environment for staff.
  • Energy management: creating an energy saving plan and giving relevant training to staff can ensure that wastage from staff apathy is greatly reduced.

The Spiral team consists of utility consultants who are experienced at senior level in purchasing, finance, cost management and general business consultancy. If you would like an independent review of your business utility costs please contact us today.