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Enabling hard earned money to go further

Charities and not for profit organisations

Enabling hard earned money to go further

The primary aim of our work with any organisation is to release money back into that business by improved procurement and lower supplier prices. In many businesses this will show itself as an increase in bottom line profits however, for charities and not-for-profit organisations this means enabling hard earned money to go that bit further.

With charities and non profit organisations struggling to gain funding and donations due to the economic climate, we are keen to provide as many such organisations with access to our services to reduce the utility overhead burden that they find themselves with. Very few organisations have the resource to ensure that all energy and telecom supplies are closely monitored, and as such it can be difficult to deliver best value to your stakeholders.

Spiral works with a number of local, regional, and national charities to help them to achieve best value. As well as delivering the cost savings we reduce the amount of time their staff needs to spend on what are routine overhead areas. Those staff can then concentrate on other more important parts of their organisation helping those that they seek to support.

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