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Answering common questions

missing the ESOS deadline


Answering common questions

missing the ESOS deadline

Do you charge for your service?

We do not charge our customers for using our service if they use one of our vetted approved suppliers. Should you wish to retain your existing supplier on the basis of our preferential deal then we will charge a portion of the savings achieved in Year 1.

How often are the prices updated?

Your telecom contract prices remain as per the contract for its duration. At the renewal of the contract we will once again review the market place to ensure your supplier is still the right one for you and make sure that the terms of your new contract reflect the current marketplace.

Who is my contract with?

Your contract for your telecoms is between you and the supplier.

How long does it take to switch suppliers?

Switching suppliers takes on average 4 to 6 weeks. However, various things can change this, for example if you are still in contract with another supplier, or if the new supplier does not have all information that they require to complete the switch.