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Reviewing your options

Reviewing your Business Rates

Reviewing your options

Where an official assessment will be quite generalised, based on overall (and usually upward) trends, our specialists recognise the uniqueness of your property, and will do everything they can to reduce your rates liability.

The way you use your premises, the rents payable, the way your business has changed in recent times, the surrounding areas… all these factors, and many more, have an impact on what you should really be paying.

Our specialists experience as Chartered Surveyors with many years’ practicing in the rating sector has enabled them to develop unique approaches.

Armed with the information they gather, they can challenge the current assessments, and fight for a reduction in your rateable value.

Their diligent team will also look at every area of your business to keep your rates as low as possible and it may be they will identify further opportunities for savings through the constantly changing reliefs and exemptions that may apply.

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