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You are a busy person and we hope you are here at our site to find ways to make your life a little bit easier in your business. If you do use our services then we can ensure you that we will do our utmost to reduce the time and money that you and your staff currently use to keep your utilities under control in your business.

At Spiral Utilities we do not differentiate in how we deal with you against any of our other clients as we know that your utility supplies are vital to your success. So whether you are a shop owner in Basingstoke or a manufacturer in Blackburn our ethos is exactly the same, to provide first class advice and service that will save you and your business both time and money.

You, like your peers, struggle to deal with the energy and telecom suppliers in your business. Take it from us who have dealt with the majority of these suppliers over the past 15 years, they are not easy to work with. But when the services that they supply to your business are so important to the running of the business, they become a necessary evil.

You may feel that the answer is to keep trying these suppliers until you find the “right one” however all this will do is create more stress and strain on you. We want you to use our service to make you one step removed from having to deal with these firms. Let us take the strain for you, let us fight your battles, and let us guide you to a point where your energy and telecoms are managed for you with the least of fuss. Sound too good to be true……it is not!

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