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Business telecom savings

MINEFIELD – that one word tends to sum up most businesses own telecoms.

There are few areas of expenditure within a business such as telecoms that will have evolved so much over the years. As businesses grow they add more lines, as they move premises they change and add lines, and as they open new sites they need more lines and add-ons to their phone systems.

The one thing that you never get to do, no matter how you try, is to stop and look at what you have and whether it is what your business needs, and whether you are paying the right price for it.

So what do you do?

If you approach a telecoms supplier they will give you a solution that suits them and the services they offer, they will never give you a pragmatic assessment of what you have.

If you try and do it yourself then unless you are knowledgeable about the telecoms industry it will take you a long time to unravel not only the structure of your systems but the numerous tariffs you will be paying.

We at Spiral Utilities believe we can offer you the best option. A comprehensive review of your telecoms, at no cost to your business, carried out by experienced analysts who are totally independent of any one telecoms supplier.

We will analyse your current situation, highlight potential business telecom savings and changes you may want to make to increase efficiency, introduce proven vetted suppliers, and maintain an overview of your telecoms for years to come. All at little or no cost to your business.

NO BRAINER – a term that defines the Spiral Utilities telecom review service.