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Energy review service Manchester, Bolton, Lancs

Energy review service

The majority of businesses do not know when their energy supplies renew, and we have seen cases where prices have been trebled when renewal has been missed. If this happens, what is seemingly an overhead of low importance becomes one of great significance for the period of the rolled contract!

Spiral’s energy review service for businesses provides the following benefits:

  • All your gas and electricity supplies are logged into our energy management system regardless of contract status
  • We notify you when you need to serve notice on each contract, to ensure you can move supplier if need be
  • We review each supply at renewal and provide you with the best deals available to you from a wide array of business energy providers, including specialist business energy providers
  • If you want to switch provider we will arrange the paperwork for you
  • Once the paperwork is submitted we will manage the switch to the new supplier and deal with objections if raised
  • Once the new contract is live we will check your first bill to ensure you are on the correct tariff
  • We will then log your supply for notification prior to the next renewal

Our income comes from the energy suppliers with whom we place our clients business however, should a client wish us to take no income from a supplier we can do so and instead we will levy a charge on them for our service.

Spiral Utilities are members of the Utilities Intermediaries Association (UIA) and we strongly support the transparency of the charges paid to third parties such as ourselves.

We like to think that we go that extra mile for our clients and none more so when it comes to utilities. Our energy review service ensures the pain of dealing with the energy companies is taken away and ensure that you never miss a contract renewal.