Are you sure your bills are accurate?

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Energy bill resolution

If you are having difficulties in agreeing past bills with one of your energy suppliers then we can help.

Energy bills can quite easily be miscalculated, the energy companies in the UK are not prone to being too accurate and if any mistakes or errors are not picked up quickly they can escalate to involve large sums of money.

We know from experience that dealing with energy companies over billing issues can be very frustrating and time consuming and that is why we offer our clients an energy bill resolution service.

We believe that our experience can assist you in gaining a quicker resolution with an energy company than if you tried to go it alone against them.

We will help you as follows –

  • Review what action has been undertaken to date
  • Assess the financial aspect of the case – what is owed to you, what the supplier wants
  • Under authority from you we will discuss the merits of the case with the supplier
  • Agree with you the solution you require and negotiate with the supplier on your behalf

If we are reclaiming money for you then we will look, where possible, to work on a success criteria. In other instances we will charge you on a time cost basis. All fees are discussed prior to you engaging us to work for you.

We are happy to assess any potential dispute you may have with your suppliers without charge.

Please contact us if you are currently in dispute and let us show you how our energy bill resolution service could help.