Keeping water costs down

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Cubic metre (m3) Most water meters are calibrated in cubic metres for the purpose of measuring billable consumption. One cubic meter equals 1000 litres or about 220 gallons.
Highway/roads drainage Water that drains from roads and footpaths flows into public drainage systems. This is known as highway drainage. Water companies recover the costs of providing highway drainage from their customers
Metered charges Also known as volumetric charges – based on recorded consumption through the water meter in cubic metres.
Sewerage (wastewater) Sewerage services is a general term for the conveyance away from the property and treatment of foul sewage, surface water drainage, highway drainage and trade effluent.
Standing/fixed charges Standing Charges cover essential services such as reading and maintaining the meter and the administration and management of the account with the supplier.
Surface water drainage The remove and processing of the rain water which falls on properties and then flows directly or indirectly into the public drainage system. In some water regions this is charged separately, and in others forms part of the sewerage costs.
Trade Effluent Any wastewater from business premises in addition to domestic sewage – which is defined as wastewater produced as a result domestic usage such as washing, food and drink or using the toilet.
Unmetered charges Any non-volumetric charges. This would apply if for example there was no water meter installed.