Keeping water costs down

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Water audits

In England and Wales the water market is still closed to competition leading many businesses to believe that the business water rates they pay for water cannot be challenged.

This is not the case.

There are many reasons why what you pay can be incorrect. Billing errors; an unknown leak; paying for services you do not use; these are just some of the causes for paying too much.

In Scotland the water market is now deregulated and you do have a choice of the supplier you use for your water. This means that as well as looking at potential causes for paying too much, as above, you can also tender your supply to reduce the rates you pay.

What you pay, and how those amounts are calculated is very complicated. A failure to accurately review you current rates can lead to a loss to your business year on year. A no obligation review of your water rates will ensure at least peace of mind, and at most a healthy refund of overpaid rates.

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