Energy Efficiency Audit Deadline Looming

Large fines threatened for non-compliance

Do you employ more than 250 staff, or if you employ less does your turnover exceeds £38M and balance sheet exceeds £33M? If so then this is for you.

By December 2019 you will need to have had an energy efficiency audit completed on your business. This is in line with the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) directive from the EU.

If you fail to have this done it could result in a five figure penalty being levied upon you.

This is the second phase of ESOS, the first phase required an energy efficiency audit to be completed by December 2015. You may have done an audit then? If so you need to do it again.

What is required to comply?

You must engage a qualified ESOS Lead Assessor to carry out an audit of energy use within your business. This can include areas such as fuel use in company vehicles.

Their audit will lead to a report with recommendations as to how energy efficiencies can be made within your business. You do not have to have acted upon these recommendations for compliance.

Act now!

Even though there is still time until the deadline there are many more companies requiring an ESOS audit than there are ESOS Lead Assessors. You need to engage an assessor as soon as possible to ensure your audit is completed in time.

Finally, for those thinking that Brexit may negate the need for such an audit, I am afraid not. The expectation is for the requirements of ESOS to continue regardless of the outcome of Brexit.



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