Secure your low energy prices whilst you can


With energy prices at their lowest for a number of years now is the time to act and secure savings before expected increases come through later in the year.

The energy “price cut” headlines have been doing the rounds for the past few weeks. However, these current reductions do not herald the start of long term lower prices, they are merely a blip before the uncertainty of future supply and proposed new supply and distribution charges will push prices up once again.

The generation of energy for the UK is becoming more fraught with the closure of expensive coal powered power stations and the delay in the commissioning of new nuclear sites. There is going to come a time when demand will outstrip supply therefore forcing prices up.

At the same time the legislators of the energy industry, in a bid to make the costs more transparent, are looking for suppliers to set out all their distribution and supply costs within their invoices. This will help you see how the price is calculated but will make bills even more confusing particularly when additional proposed levies and charges are added in too.

In light of the above factors that will lead to higher prices now is a good time to review your current energy contracts and, if possible, secure the lower prices whilst you can.

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