Energy Efficiency Starts With Being Smart

Led lighting, solar panels, PV panels, biomass boilers, building control systems, ground heat pumps, wind turbines…….. The number of energy efficient solutions within the market place today is vast and confusing, but if this is your bag are you in danger of putting the cart before the horse?

Every energy efficiency solution is backed by reams of data proving the amount of energy you can save which is great, but if you don’t understand what energy you use now then how can you measure the energy you save in the future?

The starting point for establishing an energy efficient business is to set the benchmark, to work out what energy you use, and for this you will need a smart meter and a suitable energy reporting package. The smart meter enables your energy usage data to be collected as frequently as every half an hour, and for this data to then be captured within the reporting software. The reporting software can then create your usage profile 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This profile is your benchmark and will eventually enable you to see how effective the various energy efficiency solutions are that you implement. But first you need to clear the low hanging fruits of inefficiency!

Your energy profile will quickly highlight times during the day or week (and weekends!) where energy usage far outstrips your requirements. This could be equipment left on overnight, heating coming on too early or going off too late, or lighting being left on 24 hours a day. Once you have found the causes of these energy spikes and eradicated them you can then move on to measuring the effectiveness of your energy efficient solutions.

So, remember if you want to save energy be smart first!




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