What is P272 and does it affect me?

P272 is the name for a new Ofgem regulation that will affect how electricity usage and charges are calculated in future for certain supplies.

The regulation will only affect you if your supply is Profile 05, 06, 07 or 08, often called Maximum Demand Supplies. Check the MPAN supply number on your bill. Look for a letter “S” followed by two rows of numbers, and if the first two digits on the top line are 05 – 08 you are affected.

The changes are compulsory, and will happen at different times for different supplies, on a phased basis between November 2015 and April 2017, when your electricity contract is due for renewal. You will need an Automated Meter Reading meter (AMR, also referred to as a Smart Meter),and a Meter Operator (MOP) and Data Collection (DC) supplier to be responsible for the maintenance and operation of your meter and for handling and sending usage data to your supplier.

Your local Distribution Network Operator (DNO) that controls the electricity infrastructure in your area is responsible for allocating a KVA – Maximum Import Capacity figure to each supply. They will contact you to tell you that your meter is covered by P272 , and advise you of your KVA. It is this figure that will affect your prices at your next renewal so it is important that it is correct.

You need to be aware that your contract renewals will be processed differently in future. Prices quoted will be more dynamic and are likely to only hold good for a short period, sometimes even just on the day quoted.

How can we help?

• We can help you to check if your KVA Capacity has been allocated correctly.
• We can help you to establish if a new meter is going to be needed.
• We can help you to appoint your own MOP & DC supplier.
• We can help you to track your on-going energy usage with Energy Usage Reports.
• We can help you with your contract renewal process, when your existing supplier contract falls due for review

For further information you can download our full explanation of P272 here and our P272 Jargon Buster here


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