Connectivity is King Now!

Every business, regardless of the sector they operate in, has a growing reliance on their internet connection to the point where it has become a business critical element. Marketing, orders, delivery, payment, customer service, all rely on a sound internet connection to a certain degree.

Despite this dependence so many businesses are still making do with the most basic of broadband connections, with high contention rates, and fluctuating performance dictated by the time of day.

For those businesses who set up their broadband two or three years ago and just make do, it is time to look at this again as things have moved on at pace. As well as much higher speed, lower contention broadband being now more readily available, additional products such as Ethernet First Mile (EFM), and Ethernet Fibre are now more competitively priced and available to the “smaller users”.

Broadband, EFM, and Fibre, offer an increasing level of data usage and/ or speed to both download and upload files to the internet. Each service has its pro’s and cons and so you must see which suits your own requirements before committing to such a service.


Pro’s – cheap; good options where “fibre to the cabinet” is available

Cons – shared access; no SLA’s to fix issues; no voice prioritisation


Pro’s – dedicated circuit; 8 hr SLA to fix issues

Cons – carried over copper; availability is limited


Pro’s – dedicated circuit; 90% availability; SLA’s to fix; speed; latest technology; Government grant

Cons – cost

So, what to do next? We would recommend you assess your current situation in respect of what reliance your business currently has on being connected, and also how this reliance will alter in the coming months and years. Is your connection helping or hindering your business?

If you think an upgrade is going to benefit your business then now would be a good time to do so. At the moment there are Government Grants available to upgrade your connectivity of up to £3,000, with qualification dependent on what your business is, and where you are located.

For more information on the options available to you and whether you can qualify for the Government grant then contact us straight away.


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