Avoiding objections when switching energy supplies

The procedure when you change supplier for your electricity or gas, is that the new supplier will send a “transfer request” to the old supplier a short while before the date when the supply is to move across.

The old supplier should then just release the supply. Occasionally, however, they block the transfer, using a procedure that is called an Objection. No reason is given, and the new supplier is just told that they cannot take over the supply.

There are only three legitimate reasons why an old supplier should Object, but sometimes suppliers will Object incorrectly and this will stop the transfer happening. This could be due to a mistake or inefficiency by the old supplier (or we sometimes suspect it might be a tactic to prevent losing business).

When an Objection happens the first action required is to find out exactly why the old supplier has Objected to the transfer.

The second action is to resolve the blockage, whatever that may be, and then ask the old supplier to confirm that they will “lift the objection.”

The third action is to instruct the new supplier to re-apply for the transfer to go through again.

Suppliers will only speak to you, the client, about this matter, so you cannot ask your intermediary to do this for you.

The three legitimate reasons why a supplier can Object to a transfer are as follows: –

1) They have not received a Termination Notice from you, either by email or post.

2) There are unpaid bills outstanding, so you still owe them some money.

3) The new supplier has applied for the transfer on the wrong date.

If none of the above are true, you will need to insist that the old supplier “lifts the objection” immediately.

An Objection will very often cost you money. If a transfer is delayed beyond the required transfer date, you may then run for a period on non contract tariffs, with your old supplier, which will undoubtedly be more expensive. So if your old supplier has objected to a transfer incorrectly they will probably also then charge you at higher rates for the over-run period until the transfer finally goes through!

So, it is very important for Objections to be lifted quickly, to minimise any additional costs arising.

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