Energy Contract Rollover – It Could Well Be You!

“98% of businesses do not know when their gas or electricity contracts renew. Failure to act could end up in your prices tripling!”

This frightening statistic reflects two things – (1) businesses pay little attention to their energy supplies, and (2) energy suppliers do not miss a trick if someone does not pay attention!

This apathy of businesses is understandable, no-one likes dealing with energy companies, they treat customer service as something you do not deserve, and in the grand scheme of things what your energy costs is not a matter of continuing to practice or not! True?

But what if your trivial electricity account, that currently costs you £2,000 a year, suddenly costs you £6,000 a year, then it starts to work its way up your list of notable expenditure.

Here are some top tips to not lose out to the energy companies.

  • Know your contract renewal dates
  • Find out from your supplier what their termination process is. Beware that each company has a different process!
  • Make sure you provide you supplier with actual meter readings to avoid unexpectedly large bills
  • Make sure your financial information is up to date for credit checking purposes. Click here for details of how to improve your credit score

Do not be afraid to challenge your supplier on their prices if they have rolled you over. Sometimes they will relent on the rollover price and reduce it to a lower tariff.

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