Is Your Meter Due to Change to Half Hourly?

Ofgem has mandated that all 5-8 profile class supplies are to be settled on a half-hourly basis (HH) rather than the current non half-hourly basis (NHH) applied to all profile classes 1 to 8 with effect from 1st April 2016.

A large scale operation across the industry has upgraded meters on profile 5-8 supplies to “advanced” meters capable of being read remotely and recording half hourly consumption, ensuring the sites are already equipped to support this change.

For customers this means their bills will change from current NHH billing methods (read to read) to a HH billing method (for example, consumption for the billing period shown without reads with the supporting half hourly read data available from the supplier).

At this stage it is not clear what financial impact this may have on individual customers, however it is likely to mean a different charging structure.

If your current supply is within the 05 – 08 profile and you want to know what potential impact this may have for you please contact us.



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