Create an energy saving culture in your hospitality business

Everyone working in the hospitality industry has an impact on energy use, so it should be everyone’s responsibility to use energy wisely.

Where feasible appoint an energy team comprising management, cleaners and maintenance staff to help identify opportunities for savings.

  • Encourage all staff to report any faulty lamps and to only use lighting where it is required.
  • Ask staff to report areas that are overheated, where doors and windows are not closing properly, or where lighting or equipment is being left on unnecessarily.
  • Ask maintenance staff to monitor and adjust control settings to meet but not exceed internal requirements for heating or cooling.
  • Investigate current and past energy use and continue to monitor energy consumption.

Do not underestimate the information guests can provide, many businesses actively collect feedback from guests or respond to customer requests. This information can help build a picture of energy use and suggest potential actions.

Review your energy bills over the last year in order to build a picture of past performance. Take regular meter readings once a month and use these to track your progress against the previous year’s energy usage.

Meter readings should also be checked against your energy invoices to ensure accurate billing. This simple monitoring and targeting system will help to track the benefits of energy saving measures implemented and enables any unusual changes in energy consumption to be quickly identified and followed up.

Tell staff how much energy is currently being consumed. As the energy saving programme gathers momentum, comparisons can be made between current and initial consumption to highlight energy savings.

It may be possible to implement some energy saving measures in-house but others may require specialist assistance.

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